Monticello Police Department consist of a Chief of Police, Assistant Chief, One (1) Sergeant,  One (1) detective and Six (6) Patrolman and One (1) part-time Officer.
 The Police Department patrols 6.3 square miles / 52 street miles with a population of 10,000 people (est).
 Each Officer is DOCJT academy trained and are KY Peace Officer Professional Standards Certified, with yearly 40hr. plus training each year.

Ralph W. Miniard
Serving since 1974  
Rank –Chief of Police- 1977

DOCJT academy pin,
Military service with gold frame,
Master Police Officer / gold frame, 35 years of service,
Firearms Instructor, PPCT,
Fit for Duty ribbon 2010
Joe Bybee, 
Serving since 1999,
Rank – Sergeant - 2004,
Asst Chief - 2014,
DOCJT academy pin,
Merit. Service,
Life saving award / gold frame,
Training Officer,
Instructor, Taser,
Officer of the Year,
Top Gun, 2010
Tony Morris 
Serving since 1993
Rank – Sergeant- 2007

DOCJT academy pin,
Instructor, Driving,
Master Police Officer-2010, 
15 yrs. of service,
Top Gun, 2010
Derek Lester 
Serving since 2001
Rank – Detective -2010

DOCJT academy pin,
Instructor, PPCT,
Mayor’s award,
Officer of the Year, 2010,
Lvl III Haz-Mat (Clandestine Lab) Tech.
Gordon Stephens 
Serving since 1997
Rank – Police Officer

DOCJT academy pin,
Life saving award, 
Driving and Firearms Instructor,
Meritorious Service, 2010,
Lvl III Haz-Mat (Clandestine Lab) Tech.,
Officer of the Year- 2015
John Hurd
Serving Since 1990,
Rank – Police Officer,

DOCJT academy pin,
Master Police Officer-2010, 
15 yrs. of service.
Josh Asberry,
Serving Since 2015,
Rank-- Police Officer,
Officer of the year-2016
Ronnie Ellis II
Serving Since- 2012
Rank- Patrolman
Officer of year - 2017
Mike Neal,
Serving Since 2016,
Rank- Police Officer,
Jacob Vanover
Serving Since - 2017
Rank- Patrolman
Robert McCool
Rank- Patrolman